Compact base stations will get 5G started

Several leading countries like the US and South Korea are supporting and funding projects that relate to 5G.

Their reason can be justified as prediction has it that up to $500 billion may be available in the US economy if 5G is successfully implemented in the US.

The rudimentary need for the implementation is small cells that are otherwise known as compact base stations that need to be installed every few hundred feet. Areas, where the cells are installed, will be able to provide smooth data handoff and consistent data services to mobile 5G customers.

Several small cells needed to be deployed before a successful 5G network can be claimed, that, of course, is the first step. The cells are small and that means placing them on objects like kiosks, billboards and buildings will be easy. The only challenge is getting approval to do so in certain regions.

Thanks to the unique operation of the wireless network, deploying 5G network and offloading existing network towers will be easy. It will also allow the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to better serve their purpose. The smalls cells are easy to install and can be reusable.

The deployment of 5G will be met by many challenges, chief of which is a huge investment and a sharp learning curve from existing wireless networks. However, they are also key to ensuring the successful deployment of the 5G network in the future.