Huawei, ZTE alarmed as Samsung’s 5G network claim gets started

Samsung Electronics Co. has made an announcement to not only enter the market for wireless network infrastructure but also capture 20 percent of the global market by 2020.

The fifth generation (5G) cellular network is the latest innovation in the technology world and major companies have been showing interest in taking a big part in its realization. Samsung’s ambition, however, is taking the right turn as the South Korea vendor has won deals in the US for 5G gears from three of four major carriers.

The leading company in chip memory and smartphones believes being in the front of all happenings as 5G rolls out will help shape the mobile internet and change the way we look at home appliances and cars.

Despite its dominance in the US market, Samsung’s present task is to secure deals in countries like South Korea and Japan where 5G service is imminent.

However, when it comes to networking equipment in the 5G era, Bengt Nordstrom, head of telecom consultancy Northstream, believes Samsung is still an underdog. Despite Samsung’s financial capability and technological prowess, Nordstrom is of the opinion that they are not ready to cater to the requirement of the new 5G network.

A vice president of network strategy at Samsung, Alok Shah, however, believes otherwise. He is confident Samsung has made the right choice is pushing for a position at the table and is confident in no time their customers will be happy they made commitments to them.