Millbrook welcomes 5G

Millbrook Proving Ground is one of the best places where manufacturers test prototype cars. The proving ground has a two-mile circumference high-speed bowl, a test route called the Hill Route, handling circuits, different pavement finishes, a skid pan, and a mile long straight for speed tests.

However, the place known for hosting prototype cars is now hosting mobile phones. 5G is now being tested on the ground.

The credit can go to Real Wireless after concluding that the transport system is not safe enough and needs to be improved, and the area needing improvement the most is the transport routes. The interesting news is that the UK government, like many others, is funding a number of testbed projects after recognising the importance of 5G technology.

A financial alliance of the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) and industry funding has 6 testbeds with one at Bedfordshire, Millbrook. The testbed is called AutoAir; as the newest cars are tested at the ground, the kit can collect needed data.

Although the Millbrook is a big site, the coverage level is very high. The millimetre wave technology requiring a lot of small cells is used.

The plan is to make AutoAir provide the necessary infrastructure and other operators like Vodafone, BE, BT, and 02 can feed on the network.