SK Telecom makes first consumer 5G video call

It looks like the commercial usage of 5G is closer than we thought. A report has it that South Korea might be the first country to be provided access to the usage of commercial 5G. The report has it that the CEO of the Korean network provider, SK Telecom, Park Jung-ho made a video call to a staff manager in Seoul using a Samsung 5G prototype phone.

When asked, Samsung mobile head, DJ Koh explained that Samsung worked closely with SK Telecom to see to the realization of the 5G commercial services. It is believed that the 5G service is expected to be available to consumers by March 2019.

However, other notable network providers are also following suit. KT and LG Uplus have also recently launched their commercial 5G networks in South Korea.

Meanwhile, the big news might have started in South Korea, it is rapidly spreading to other parts of the world, particularly in Europe. LG and OnePlus recently announced that they are making plans to launch their version of the 5G-enabled phone in Europe soon.

In fact, a report has it that Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 5G-variant will arrive in Europe next year.

Every news confirms that the commercial use of 5G will be sooner rather than later, who else is excited?