Sprint “very well on track” with NY City 5G

Corinne Reichert at ZDNet writes that Sprint has already done a lot of work getting the 5G infrastructure in New York City ready.

Capacity and speed increases of 10X over LTE have been achieved in testing.

So far they have installed over 21,000 “Massive MIMO” radio cells across the city, which are currently powering their existing LTE network, and with a software upgrade will power 5G too.

“Massive MIMO … dramatically improves the capacity of Sprint’s LTE Advanced network with equipment that is software upgradable to 5G,” the carrier said.

“In a couple of months, we will add the 5G software. We will be able to enable both LTE and 5G simultaneously on the same sites.”

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/sprint-preps-new-york-city-for-5g/